Dental Implants

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root that acts as the foundation for a new single crown, bridge or full denture. The implant allows the new crown to fasten securely and prevents bone loss from a missing tooth.

Before placing an implant, you and Dr. Newton will complete a consult to determine if you are a candidate for this type of procedure. Once the consult is complete, the doctor will develop a treatment plan based on your specific needs that will allow your new tooth to function properly. For a single implant, the procedure usually takes less than an hour and is minimally invasive. There is very little feeling in the bone and usually requires the same anesthesia needed for any routine dental treatment. However, if you feel more relaxed with alternative anesthesia such as nitrous oxide or conscious sedation, we can discuss this during the initial consult.

The procedure will consist of a few steps from start to finish. First, a small incision will be made in the gum-line exposing the implant site. Once this is complete the doctor will make a small hole in the bone to allow the implant to be placed in the proper location. After the implant is placed, a healing cap will cover the top of the implant. During the healing process, the gums will cover and protect the site while the implant is integrated into the bone. Once the implant has healed completely, an impression will be captured and a custom crown will be designed and made to match proper shape, color and function. If you have further questions about this procedure or other options, please feel free to contact Dr. Newton for an implant consultation.

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