Root Canals

Tooth pain is unlike any other pain, and a root canal offers a great solution to keep your tooth and eliminate the pain. Using state of the art technology we are able to clean the decay, eliminate the pain, and offer a long term solution to keep your tooth.

When a tooth is causing constant pain or has long lasting sensitivity to cold or sweets there is a good chance you are in need of a root canal. Every tooth has one or more root canals that lead to a pulp chamber, together they supply blood, nutrients, and contain the nerve of the tooth. When infection from a cavity reaches the pulp chamber it enters the root canals, allows the infection to spread rapidly, and causes extreme pain. 

The goal of a root canal is to clean out the pulp chamber and the root canals from all infection and then seal the canals so the infection does not reoccur. After a root canal a large portion of the tooth structure is usually lost due to decay, and in most instances will require a crown. The combination of treatments leaves you with a new healthy tooth, that has the potential to last a lifetime. We use the latest techniques in order to make your root canal painless and stress free. If you are in pain book an appointment today, and we can access what treatments would suit you best.

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