Sleep Apnea & Snoring Relief

For many snoring and sleep apnea are major issues that affect your energy and health. We offer dental treatments to help open your airway to treat sleep apnea and reduce your snoring.

Just because you snore does not necessarily mean that you have sleep apnea. The major issue with snoring and sleep apnea is blockage of your airway. Sleep apnea has a myriad of negative health effects including decreased energy, weakened immune system, decreased mental capacity and more. CPAP machines are most often prescribed to treat sleep apnea. CPAP machines can be cumbersome, especially when traveling, and many patients do not tolerate them. 

At Ada Dentistry & Braces we offer an alternative to a CPAP machine by using a small dental appliance to open your airway naturally. With the combination of tests and advanced 3D imaging we are able to assess your airway, and provide the best possible treatment. Book an appointment today, and be on your way to the best night sleep you (and your spouse) have had in years.

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